personal discount

unique discount codes for your email list subscribers


Key benefits

Reward your email subscribers

Encourage people to provide you with their email address in exchange for a unique discount code.

Create time sensitive coupons

Coupons with expiration date are a far more effective tool to get potential customers to convert.

Track who got which discount

Get an insight into who received which discount code and when it happened.

Discover our App

Personal Discount enables you to automatically send out unique discount codes to customers who sign up for your newsletter.

Unique discount codes

The app guarantees that the generated coupon codes are unique. Every subscriber will receive an individual code. There are no duplicates.

Custom code pattern

You can specify a custom pattern for the discount codes. For example, WELCOME-XXXXX will generate codes like WELCOME-4M1GO or WELCOME-GR8DL.

Relative expiration date

The app can create time-sensitive discount codes. You can set an expiration date relative to the moment when a person signs up for your newsletter. For example, you can say that the coupon is valid for only 7 days.

MailChimp Integration

The app assigns created discount codes to member profiles in MailChimp. Just include a merge tag *|DSCNT_CODE|* in your email template and every subscriber will receive their own discount code.

Activiy Log

You will be able to see what discount code was generated, and for which customer. You will be able to see when it happened.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified when I exceed the free plan limit?

Yes, you will get an email notifying you about exceeded limit.

Will the app stop generating discount codes when I cross the free plan limit and don't upgrade immediately?

No, it's a soft limit. The app will continue to work. You will have at least 3 days to upgrade.

Does Personal Discount work with WooCommerce?

We're building a similar solution for WooCommerce.

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Created by Lukasz Wiktor from Solvenium